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About Me


My Background

Suzanne Heilmann’s art offers the viewer an invitation into a special world. One’s perspective on the environment is changed by her unique ability to show us what one might not usually see. Drawing inspiration from what she observes and finds around her, Suzanne often incorporates "found" objects into her work, and meld the traditional with diverse.

To some, it will be hard to believe that all her works of art were done by the same person. Suzanne can be considered  a nonconformist, as she often integrates previously discarded materials to create unique fabrications full of texture. Thus the reason she is a self proclaimed"Textualist".

Suzanne Heilmann grew up in a family that had to adapt and integrate into a number of different cultures and countries. Several languages were spoken at home and the family lived in South Africa, Denmark, England and Mexico before settling in the USA in 1968. As a young woman she attended high school in Ct. where her artwork was allowed to blossom. She graduated early and began working in New York City for a leading advertising firm before attending college at Maryland Institute of Art, Baltimore, in their Fine Arts program. Wanting to broaden her artistic and international background, she transferred to American University, in  Washington, DC, before a permanent move to New York City. Suzanne finished her BFS in Design at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, Summa cum laude.


My Medium

A "Texturalist" has the ability to move throughout all mediums, an artist who is prolific and diverse enough to transcend expectations, and yet keeps a common thread that individualizes the work.

Texture can produce so many variables, unexpected developments and unpredictable outcomes, that it keeps the artwork exciting. Working with Copper has been an obsession of hers. Her fascination with light, space and depth techniques, allows her to create the most interesting pieces.

A combination of different materials are used to create shadow treatments, colors and textures, ultimately changing the character of the art piece through light effects. In all mediums, layers of paint, paper, fabric, copper/metal, or wood have been built up to create as much texture as possible, within the medium. The possibilities are well worth waiting for.

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